“Hi, baby. I’m out of the clink.” God, I’d always known that at some point in my life I’d say those words to someone but I never thought the circumstances would be this messed up.

The Demon Fighter’s Council bastards locked me in a Prague dungeon awaiting trial on trumped-up charges. The only human being willing to bailing me out is the Mayor, and we all know he’s not doing that just because he’s a swell guy.

He needs money, and there’s a vampire who can turn metal to gold.

These are the terms of my release: capture the undead alchemist and learn his secrets or else Nic and Kisho get dusted. Either way, I end up in research lab because the Council chuckleheads think I’m not human.

I’m not even sure this alchemist is such a bad guy.

Can I escape the Council, out-trick the mayor and save the three of us?

Join Clem, Nic and Kisho in an adventure filled with wacky shenanigans, surprise liaisons and shock twists. Oh, and they eat some cake, too.

Undead Alchemist

Clem Starr: Demon Fighter #4

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