September 11, 2017

In case you didn't know, I'm a digital nomad. I have no fixed address but move around the world, visiting lots of fun places. So I've decided to do a weekly blog feature highlighting some of the most interesting, fun or just plain weird places I've been. Hopefully, you'll find some of them interesting too. 

I used to live near Yanaka in Tokyo and would often spend my weekends wandering around, taking photos and exploring. 

The Yanaka area is one of the older, traditional areas of Tokyo. It's famous for several things. Firstly, it's cemetery and also cats. Not cat cafes (which I find a bit wrong) but lots of shops and cafes with cat motifs.

 The cemetery is an interesting place to explore. There's an enclosed plot dedicated to the Tokugawa shoguns. In spring, the cherry blossom display is amazing. 

A few of the scenes in Moonlight Virgin are set around Yanaka. 

Did you know that Japan have graveyard ghosts? There are lots of stories of taxi drivers picking up passengers near cemete...

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