September 14, 2017

If you preordered your copy, it should turn up on your kindle soon. Otherwise, grab your copy (or read free with Kindle Unlimited).

While Clem Starr and Kisho hunt a kitsune in Tokyo, I’m left alone to train my new pack member. Vlad, formerly known as the Demon Child, is no ordinary vampire. He’s an adorable child with chipmunky teeth, unicorn blood and a massive appetite. I can’t let an untamed vampire feed freely, but without fresh food, he’s fading fast.

If that wasn’t enough to deal with, a gang of miscreant vampires hit town. Their indiscriminate killing and bad fashion sense give my kind a bad name. I’d ignore them but the mayor wants me to take them down.

He makes me an offer I can’t refuse: save the city, save my Demon Child.

I’m the pack leader. I’m the one who is flawless and always in control but with war looming and the city going to hell, I’m going to have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

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