July 16, 2018

Jayne Hudson. Regular suburban girl. Teller of lies. Saviour of the world?

It's been 10 years since I left the circus, and in the interim I've built the perfect suburban life. I hide my secrets beneath a cop's uniform, carving out an existence that's as boring as it is safe.

Until, that is, I'm sent undercover back into the world I ran from. The cool, hipster carnival troupe I infiltrate is as far from the circus I grew up in as you can get. But carnival folk have long memories and the trail of grisly murders tracing this troupe's journeys reawakens old fears.

Soon, I find myself the target of a demonic killer with an evil intent that goes far beyond murder. Can I slay this demon, uncover the troupe’s dark underbelly and stop the unleashing of hell before I become the next victim?

I've got a whole new series coming out - The Carnival Society - with lots of mysteries, twists and demon fighting.

Smoke, Mirrors and Demons releases 7th September but you can order now to get it first on release...

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